Royal Turbans for Grooms

The Royal Turban specialises in tying turbans for wedding grooms with a number of different turban styles to choose from. Our ‘Royal Turban Styles’ section provides details and images of all the turban styles we offer. We can also customise styles to your specific needs and accommodate to any suggestions and ideas you may have. Our flexible team of turban experts can advise the most appropriate turban style suited to you and the look you would like to achieve for your wedding day.

The Royal Turban are happy to use and work with your own turban material or we can provide bespoke material. Our collection of turban materials are specially formulated for comfort and everlasting stability for your wedding day. The bespoke material we provide can also be customised with designs and prints.

For an extra piece of mind, The Royal Turban also provide a range of kalgis, sehras and parnas which is also available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Again this can be customised with feathers, jewels and crystals to create that royal maharaja look for your wedding day.

Before your big day we also offer a trial service with a full consultation. We highly recommend ta trial for first time turban wearers. Please refer to the ‘Royal Turban Trails’ section for more details about the trial and consultation service available.

Royal Turbans for Guests

Along with the groom, you may also would like to include your family and guests in the turban wearing experience on your wedding or special occasion. We are able to tie different styles of turbans for all your guests and have a team of turban stylists to ensure all your family or guests really have the royal touch in their turban wearing experience on the day.

We are able to accommodate any number of guests and will be flexible in using your own turban material available. However, to take the stress away from you we are able to provide bespoke turban material for all your family and guests too. Our bespoke turban material is available in a number of colours, textures and lengths, which can also be customised to your specific needs.

To enhance this experience further we can also create an authentic environment by decorating the designated place of where your guests’ turbans will be tied. This will create a traditional atmosphere for your family and guests by creating a memorable experience for them.

Royal Turban Trials
If you have never worn a turban before or would like to try different styles, then a turban trial is highly recommended to you. This will ensure you feel confident and most importantly, comfortable before your wedding day or special occasion.

Our professional turban stylists will ensure you have a pleasing experience with the help of family and friends who can also be part of the experience in choosing a turban style for you. The Royal Turban are committed to provide an excellent trial service where we can travel to you and tie a variety of turbans styles ensuring you are happy with your chosen turban, whether it is a wedding or any other occasion.

Global Royal Turbans

The Royal Turban have travelled around the globe to create the trademark maharaja royal look for a number of grooms, families and guests. A few of these destinations include Italy, Spain, Austria, India, USA and nationwide around the UK.

The Royal Turban are a renowned international turban tying service. From Bollywood movie sets to destination weddings, The Royal Turban have covered a range of turban styles and looks. The turban specialists at The Royal Turban have tied turbans on a number of celebrities such as; Rishi Kapoor, Sonu Nigam and Rahul Dev to name a few. The global reach of our services is our expert ability to provide you with a memorable experience on your wedding day or special occasion.